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Unit Management Model in a Correctional Facility: A Functional Paradigm  

Author:  Douglas L.  Gerardi, Ph.D. .; Arthur E.  Amaral, M.Ed..

Source: Volume 03, Number 06, September/October 2002 , pp.83-86(4)

Correctional Health Care Report

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This article will present a decentralized model of unit management in a youth correctional facility and explore the implications for effective management. An interdisciplinary treatment approach is contrasted with a modality that is merely representative. Practical operational issues will be discussed as well. The authors contend that custody operations and program implementation and effectiveness are optimally facilitated with the decentralized model as put into operation via the Supportive Education Team (S.E.T).

Keywords: Diverse Populations, Classification, Assignment, Professional disciplines, program planning, monitoring, Educational, vocational

Affiliations:  1: Garden State Youth Correctional Facility; 2: Garden State Youth Correctional Facility.

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