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Demon Rum: It Can Be Hell on Jail Staff  

Author:  Roderic  Gottula, M.D..

Source: Volume 07, Number 01, November/December 2005 , pp.7-10(4)

Correctional Health Care Report

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Shortly after midnight, the county deputies brought in Sledge for a DUI. Sledge was a familiar resident at the county jail, usually coming in three to four times a year for some offense related to his chronic use of alcohol. This booking was typical of the many others. Ralph asked the standard screening questions. Sledge responded with his typical slurred speech. The arresting officers told Ralph that they had administered a breathalyzer to Sledge in the field, which was recorded at 0.35. Once the paperwork was done, Sledge was provided with his inmate uniform and sent off to his cell to sleep it off. The rest of the shift was uneventful and Ralph left the following morning to enjoy a fishing trip. On Tuesday, Ralph received a call at home asking if he could come in early to meet with the lieutenant in charge of Internal Investigations. It appeared that Sledge had a seizure that morning and died at the jail.

Keywords: withdrawl, CIWA AR, central nervous system depressant, nausea, vomitting, tremors, sweats, anxiety, agitation, disturbances, sensorium

Affiliations:  1: Correctional Med/Legal Consultants.

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