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Legal Developments  

Author:  Margaret R.  Moreland, J.D., M.S.L.S..

Source: Volume 07, Number 05, July/August 2006 , pp.69-70(2)

Correctional Health Care Report

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Freedom of Information In January 2000, Paul Wright, a prisoner and the editor of Prison Legal News, made the first of seven requests under Washington State’s “strongly worded” Public Disclosure Act (Wash. Rev. Code § 42.17) for information relating to medical misconduct investigations in the state’s prisons. After a delay of about six months, the state Department of Corrections (DOC) provided information on its medical employees with restricted licenses, as well as documents relating to disciplinary actions against members of its medical staff. In yet another case based on the exposure to tobacco smoke, Eon Shepherd, an Auburn Correctional Facility inmate, brought an action claiming that an Auburn corrections officer had been deliberately indifferent to the serious medical harm caused by the inmate’s involuntary exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.

Keywords: New York Times Co. v. United States, Douglas, chain smoker, Shepherd v. Hogan, asthma

Affiliations:  1: Pace University School of Law Library.

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