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Correctional Health Care Privatization—A Primer  

Author:  Gary J.  McWilliams.

Source: Volume 12, Number 01, November/December 2010 , pp.1-4(4)

Correctional Health Care Report

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Privatizing or outsourcing services in the criminal justice/ correctional environment is usually described in very fervent, strident, and emotional terms. Both parties to an outsourcing contract— whether for construction, food, pharmacy, commissary, security oversight, or health care—incessantly critique transferred services, positively and negatively. However, let’s look at outsourcing calmly, by examining some market-share realities, program structures, and contract parameters that accompany health care outsourcing in a statewide prison environment.

Keywords: Prison expenditures, outsourcing, operating expenses, Eighth Amendment, accreditation

Affiliations:  1: correctional health care consultant.

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