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What Causes Job Stress in Jails?  

Author:  Russ Immarigeon.

Source: Volume 20, Number 04, May/June 2019 , pp.49-50(2)

Correctional Health Care Report

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Everyone understands that jobs in corrections are difficult and stressful. Sociologists have a word for the anxiety and dysfunction caused by job stress: “strain.” A new study in the journal Criminal Justice and Behavior attempts to identify the factors that create this “strain” on jail employees. In this research review of “Exploring How Workplace Factors are Associated with Role Strain Among Jail Staff” by Eric G. Lambert, Eugene A. Paoline III, and Nancy L. Hogan, published in Criminal Justice and Behavior, contributing editor Russ Immarigeon summarizes the important conclusions of this study.

Keywords: Role Strain in Jail Staff

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