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Denial of GID Treatment: What Was She Thinking?  

Author:  Fred  Cohen .

Source: Volume 16, Number 03, March/April 2015 , pp.33-34(2)

Correctional Health Care Report

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An inmate with gender identity disorder using hormone replacement medication was admitted to prison and subsequently denied both continued testosterone treatment, which had previously been deemed medically necessary, and access to the endocrinology staff, who could have prescribed the needed hormone treatment. The court ruled that the GID was an authentic disorder and that the prison’s chief medical officer’s refusal to acknowledge or treat the condition amounted to deliberate indifference to a serious medical need.

Keywords: Gender Identity Disorder; Kothmann v. Rosario, 558 Fed.Appx. 907; McElligott v. Foley, 182 F.3d 1248, 1256; Lancaster v. Monroe County, 116 F.3d 1419, 1425

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