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Hypertension at Indiana Women’s Prison  

Author:  Richard R.  Tanner, M.D..

Source: Volume 08, Number 01, November/December 2006 , pp.1-3(3)

Correctional Health Care Report

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The goal of antihypertensive therapy at the Indiana Women’s Prison (IWP) is to reduce blood pressures to at least 135/90 and to prevent the long-term complications of hypertension without adversely affecting the quality of life of our offenders. Working in an institution in which behavioral problems are almost universal among the offender population creates several challenges in providing chronic care. The most significant of these challenges is noncompliance with the therapeutic regimen for the treatment of hypertension.

Keywords: concurrent chronic disease, Diabetes, hyperlipidemia, asthma, Diuretic, ACE Inhibitor,Beta-Blocker

Affiliations:  1: Correctional Medical Services.

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