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Prescribing Psychoactive Medication for Prison Populations  

Author:  Emil R.  Pinta, M.D..

Source: Volume 12, Number 02, January/February 2011 , pp.17-23(7)

Correctional Health Care Report

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This article provides some general principles and guidelines for the use of psychoactive medication in prison. A full discussion of the indications and side effects for these medications is beyond the scope of this article. Psychiatrists and other prescribers should have up-to-date knowledge of psychoactive medications and their uses. Several recent books published by the American Psychiatric Publishers, Inc., a subsidiary of the AmericanPsychiatric Association, offer practical information on psychopharmacologic treatment. 1 The fi eld of psychopharmacology changes rapidly, however, and many books may be outdated by the time they are published.

Keywords: psychopharmacology, Axis IV, comorbidity, brain injury, hallucinogen, Zinerman, Burch, informed consent

Affiliations:  1: psychiatry consultant.

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