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Review: Should PLRA Be Repealed?  

Author:  Margaret R. Moreland, JD, MSLS.

Source: Volume 24, Number 03, Summer 2023 , pp.57-58(2)

Correctional Health Care Report

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This article reviews “Health Care in U.S. Correctional Facilities—A Limited and Threatened Constitutional Right” by Marcella Alsan, Crystal S. Yang, James R. Jolin, Lucy Tu, and Josiah D. Rich, published in 388 New England Journal of Medicine 847 (2023) and concludes that PLRA has effectively weakened legal oversight of correctional health care, allowing many jurisdictions to prioritize lowering costs with “[t]he resulting injustice—high incarceration rates, unchecked neglect of incarcerated people’s health, and restrictions on legal redress—has prompted organizations and legislation, including the American Bar Association and provisions of House Resolution 702 (The People’s Justice Guarantee), to call for the PLRA’s amendment or repeal.”

Keywords: Estelle v. Gamble; Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA); Legal Definitions of “Deliberate Indifference” and “Serious Medical Need”

Affiliations:  1: Contributing Editor.

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