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Journal of Community Justice (formerly Journal of Community Corrections)

ISSN 2767-4304 (Vols 1-30: 1546-7627), Online ISSN: 2767-4312 (Vols 13-30: 2158-382X)

Volume 26,  Number 03, Spring 2017.   Click on Article Title for Abstract and Full Text PDF


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Recapitalizing Reentry Offenders  
pp.4-6 (3)
Authors:  Donald G. Evans.

Preventing the Transition From Juvenile Delinquency to Adult Crime  
pp.5-9 (5)
Authors:  David P. Farrington.

Intimacy of Addiction: Depths of Betrayal  
pp.9-13 (5)
Authors:  Randy Shively.; Leo Petrilli.

Worth Reading  
pp.11-16 (6)
Authors:  Russ Immarigeon.

Complete Issue  
pp.1-28 (28)
Authors:  Donald G. Evans.

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