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Sex Offender Law Report

ISSN 1529-0697, Online ISSN: 2156-9290

Volume 16,  Number 01, December/January 2015.   Click on Article Title for Abstract and Full Text PDF


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Pending and Trending   : California adds sex offender registration status to background checks; Nail polish detects rape; Should victim pay for rape test? Statute of limitations on sex crimes
pp.1-4 (4)
Authors:  Staff Editors.

Pedophilia From a Mental Health Perspective  
pp.1-4 (4)
Authors:  Fred  Berlin, M.D., Ph.D..

Transient Sex Offenders and Residence Restrictions  
pp.3-6 (4)
Authors:  Jill S.  Levenson, Ph.D..; Alissa R.  Ackerman.; Kelly M.  Socia, Ph.D..; Andrew J.  Harris.

From the Literature  
pp.5-10 (6)
Authors:  Erin  Bundra, J.D..

Does Human Rights Act Provide Remedies for Sexual Harassment?  
pp.13-13 (1)
Authors:  Isaias  Lima.

Complete Issue  
pp.1-16 (16)
Authors:  Roslyn  Myers, J.D., M.A..

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