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Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

ISSN 1941-7462, Online ISSN: 2157-0078

Volume 07,  Number 01, Summer 2014.   Click on Article Title for Abstract and Full Text PDF


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Animal Abuse as a Risk Factor for Domestic Violence  
pp.7-13 (7)
Authors:  Phil Arkow.

Sexual Assault on College Campuses: Perceptions and Approaches of Campus Law Enforcement Officers  
pp.15-24 (10)
Authors:  Molly Smith.; Nicole Wilkes, M.P.H..; Leana Bouffard, Ph.D.

Disappointing Custody Decisions All Favor Fathers  
pp.25-32 (8)
Authors:  Anne L. Perry, Esq..

Police-Advocate Collaboration: It Does Make a Difference  
pp.33-39 (7)
Authors:  Detective Catherine Johnson.; Megan Peterson, LCSW.

Cell Phone Dangers for DV Survivors  
pp.41-49 (9)
Authors:  Kaofeng Lee.; Erica Olsen.

Economic Ripple Effect of IPV: Building Partnerships for Systemic Change  
pp.51-57 (7)
Authors:  Sara J. Shoener.; Erika A. Sussman.

Six Myths That Place Children at Risk During Custody Disputes  
pp.65-88 (24)
Authors:  Stephanie J. Dallam, RN, Ph.D..; Joyanna L. Silberg, Ph.D..

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