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Review of Banking & Financial Services

ISSN 1051-1741, Online ISSN:

Volume 38,  Number 09, September 2020.   Click on Article Title for Abstract and Full Text PDF


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Understanding Common-Interest Doctrine  
pp.87-92 (6)
Authors:  David M. Hillman.; Michael T. Mervis.; Javier F. Sosa.

Managing Fair Lending Risk in the Digital Age  
pp.93-98 (6)
Authors:  R. Andrew Arculin.; Paula Vigo Marqués.; Daniel Funaro.

Complete Issue (Volume 38, Number 9–September 2022)  
pp.87-98 (12)
Authors:  David M. Hillman, Michael T. Mervis & Javier F. Sosa.; R. Andrew Arculin, Paula Vigo Marqués & Daniel Funaro.

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