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Bullying, Teen Aggression & Social Media

ISSN 2375-1460, Online ISSN: 2375-1479

Volume 01,  Number 05, September/October 2015.  Click on Article Title for Abstract and Full Text PDF


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Risk Factors for Peer Victimization, Depression, and Youth Suicide  
pp.65-69 (5)
Authors:  Elizabeth Perez, M.P.H..

pp.66-67 (2)
Authors:  Roslyn Myers, J.D., M.A..

Effective School Response to Bullying  
pp.67-68 (2)
Authors:  Patricia Donaghy.

Marijuana, Alcohol, Behavior, and the Teen Brain  
pp.69-70 (2)
Authors:  Alyssa Grzesh.

Authority Operates Most Effectively in Tandem With Student Dignity  
pp.71-71 (1)
Authors:  Joshua Wachtel.

From the Literature  
pp.72-75 (4)
Authors:  Erin Bundra.

Complete Issue  
pp.65-80 (16)
Authors:  Roslyn Myers, J.D., M.A..

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