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Offender Programs Report

ISSN 1093-7439, Online ISSN: 2334-5713

Volume 12,  Number 02, July/August 2008.   Click on Article Title for Abstract and Full Text PDF


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How to Prevent Prisoner Reentry Programs From Failing: Insights From Evidence-Based Corrections  
pp.17-25 (9)
Authors:  Shelley  Johnson Listwan.; Francis T.  Cullen.; Edward J. Latessa.

Reentry Programming and Female Offenders: The Case for a Gender-Responsive Approach  
pp.17-22 (6)
Authors:  Ralph  Fretz.; Jacey  Erickson.; Angela  Mims.

Complete Issue  
pp.17-32 (16)
Authors:  Kevin  Knight, Ph.D..; David Farabee, Ph.D..; Russ Immarigeon, MSW.

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