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Offender Programs Report

ISSN 1093-7439, Online ISSN: 2334-5713

Volume 19,  Number 05, January/February 2016.   Click on Article Title for Abstract and Full Text PDF


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Researchers in the Real World: Evidence-Based Practices, Implementation Barriers, and Lessons Learned  
pp.65-69 (5)
Authors:  Edward J. Latessa.; Jodi Sleyo.; Myrinda Schweitzer.

Is Electronic Monitoring the Answer?  
pp.65-67 (3)
Authors:  James Kilgore.

Penal Servitude and Prison Programming  
pp.67-67 (1)
Authors:  Charles Sullivan.; Barbara Koeppel.

Exactly How Good Are Supervision Services? A Scottish Perspective  
pp.69-70 (2)
Authors:  Russ Immarigeon.

Does Anger Management Work  
pp.71-72 (2)
Authors:  Russ Immarigeon.

Worth Reading  
pp.73-75 (3)
Authors:  Stacy Calhoun.

From the Courts  
pp.75-76 (2)
Authors:  Margaret R. Moreland, J.D., M.S.L.S..

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