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Correctional Health Care Report

ISSN 1526-9450, Online ISSN: 2166-0301

Volume 23,  Number 03, Summer 2022.   Click on Article Title for Abstract and Full Text PDF


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What Is the New COVID-19 Variant BA.2, and Will It Cause Another Wave of Infections in the US?  
pp.51-51 (1)
Authors:  Dr. Prakash Nagarkatti.; Dr. Mitzi Nagarkatti.

Just How Accurate Are Rapid Antigen Tests? Two Testing Experts Explain the Latest Data  
pp.55-56 (2)
Authors:  Nathaniel Hafer.; Apurv Soni.

Will New Vaccines Be Better At Fighting Coronavirus Variants? 5 Questions Answered  
pp.57-58 (2)
Authors:  Vaibhav Upadhyay.; Krishna Mallela.

Worth Reading: Pregnant Inmates; Buprenorphine; TB Screening  
pp.63-69 (7)
Authors:  Margaret R. Moreland, JD, MSLS.

Combining an HIV Vaccine with Immunotherapy May Reduce the Need for Daily Medication  
pp.79-80 (2)
Authors:  Sheikh Abdul Rahman.; Bhrugu Yagnik.; Rama Rao Amara.

Complete Issue  
pp.49-80 (32)
Authors:  Staff Editors.

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