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Correctional Health Care Report

ISSN 1526-9450, Online ISSN: 2166-0301

Volume 21,  Number 03, March/April 2020.   Click on Article Title for Abstract and Full Text PDF


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The COVID-19 Coronavirus: A Primer  
pp.35-39 (5)
Authors:  Centers for Disease Control.

The Silent Threat of the Coronavirus: America’s Dependence on Chinese Pharmaceuticals  
pp.39-39 (1)
Authors:  Christine Crudo Blackburn.; Andrew Natsios.; Gerald W Parker.; Leslie Ruyle.

When Will There Be a Coronavirus Vaccine? 5 Questions Answered  
pp.41-41 (1)
Authors:  Aubree Gordon.; Florian Krammer.

Use and Misuse of Protocols  
pp.43-44 (2)
Authors:  Catherine M. Knox.

A Strategy for Improving HCV Screening: Peer Influence  
pp.45-46 (2)
Authors:  Margaret Moreland, JD, MSLS.

Strong Social Networks Are Healthy—Except When They Are Not  
pp.49-51 (3)
Authors:  Margaret Moreland.

Complete Issue  
pp.33-52 (20)
Authors:  Staff Editors.

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