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Securities Law Application to Municipal Finance Transactions—Continued Expansion and a Market in Flux: Part 2  

Author:  Robert W. Doty.

Source: Volume 29, Number 01, Spring 2008 , pp.31-75(45)

Municipal Finance Journal

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The SEC is seeking, for the first time, monetary remedies against former officials of a general government issuer. Enforcement targets in other recent actions include municipal officials, auditors, underwriters and officials, remarketing and auction rate dealers, a participant in swap transactions, a lobbyist, a mutual fund advisor and its officials, and officials of a conduit borrower. The second of this two-part review of enforcement actions discusses the SEC’s action against the underwriting firm of Dolphin & Bradbury, as well as private actions in FSA v. Stephens and ACA Financial Guaranty v. Advest and various matters relating to bid rigging investigations, auction rate securities, bond insurers, and rating agencies.


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