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Programs for Men Who Batter
Format: Hardcover Book
© 2002 518 pp.
ISBN: 1-887554-25-4
Price: US $135.95
Product Code: MWB

Programs for Men Who Batter
Intervention and Prevention Strategies in a Diverse Society
Editors: Etiony Aldarondo, Ph.D. and Fernando Mederos, Ed.D.

Authoritative guidance on interventions to treat abusive men while protecting domestic violence victims.

An in-depth review of issues, program operations and policies for:

  • Domestic violence prevention advocates
  • Mental health and social services professionals who work with batterer populations
  • Community corrections professionals
  • Criminal justice system administrators and policymakers

Programs for Men Who Batter: Intervention and Prevention Strategies in a Diverse Society provides in-depth coverage of the full array of issues professionals in this field must address. The editors, recognized experts in batterer studies, address the public safety, criminal justice, societal, cultural and clinical issues surrounding batterer interventions. They focus on the critical need for intervention program providers to hold batterers accountable for their actions, and to coordinate program services with domestic violence victim services groups.

Programs for Men Who Batter spotlights 10 different batterer intervention programs that go beyond the “one size fits all” approach, including extensive examples of actual interventions with specific clients. The practitioners who developed these innovative approaches describe in detail their programs and procedures. You’ll learn:

  • How the programs operate;
  • How different programs are targeted to work with different groups of men; and
  • How programs deal with issues such as the safety of victims of violence and coordination with the criminal justice system.

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