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Journal of Offender Monitoring
The 2002 Electronic Monitoring Survey
Editor: Margaret M. Conway


The state of the art in EM technology -- from GPS global positioning satellite surveillance to video imaging, telecommunications systems, and remote drug and alchohol testing-what's available now, what's coming on line, and how to evaluate and use it to manage caseloads.

Everything you need to know to evaluate bids, suppliers, and equipment is in the new 2002-2003 EM Survey.
  • Detailed data on 20 companies including products, financial data, and key customers and personnel
  • GPS Continuous Tracking Systems
  • Continuous RF Signaling Products
  • Random/Programmed Contact Systems Integrated Continuous Tracking Systems
  • Integrated Continuous Home Monitoring Units
  • RF Monitoring Equipment
  • Voice Verification
  • Wrist/Ankle Devices
  • Drive By Technology
  • Alcohol Testing
  • Central Monitoring Products
  • Remote Data Access
Journal of Offender Monitoring

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